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1SS Price Calculator

1SS (One Stop Service) is a project that we open for a custom Live2D commission for individuals by having both modeler and rigger in charge of taking care of a model making and animations concurrently. 

For company or Vtuber Agency inquiry,

please contact us via mail.

Price for commercial use.
Please read our TOS with care.

Check our waiting list and current work flow by the button below

Build You Own Tier Model Price List

(Price included both model and rigging)


Providers of your choice

Estimated price, Some provider prices might not match.

BYO Include :

  • Full Body Model

  • Full Body Physics

  • Head Tilts

  • Head Turns - 8 Directions

  • Upper Body Tilts

  • Upper Body Turns - Left/Right

  • Upper Body Squat - Up/Down

  • Legs Tilts

  • Legs Move

  • Toggle : castoff robe (Ifany)


Total 3,500 USD

Model Complexity


Base (Naked) Model

Extra Request

       Expression Toggle


       Animated Expression Toggle


iOS Features


       Additional Arm Pose


       Hand tracking

       Animal Ears Movement

       Animal Tail Movement

       Extreme Head Angle

Body Movement

       Additional Hair

       Additional Outfit

Build You Own Tier Price List

Illustration Service Price List


Providers of your choice

Estimated price, Some provider prices might not match.

BYO Include :

  • Full resolution PNG file

  • GIF Animated Emote

  • MP4/MOV


Total 0 USD

Full Body Key Artwork

Illustration with Background

Static Emotes


Animated Emotes


Character Sheet

Illustration Service

Payment  Details  and  Conditions

  • We primarily accept a job that everyone in our team has a passion for.
    To us, creating a VTuber character is about being someone's 'papa' and 'mama' which we take it as a family planning. So, we are sorry if your request is refused and we hope you understand our standpoint.

  • We don't accept any finished model from other artists (except design) neither do only modeling nor model rigging as well.

  • We could only support Vtubestudio users for setting and tuning.

  • Your model will probably be used in our portfolio.

  • After a job has finished, you will get a runtime file and PNGs (Except PSD and Live2D files as they are reserved by RY3M only)

  • Because in our team have people who work as full-time.
    Our schedule may unpredictable.
    We will be very glad if you could understand, and does not rush or pressure us.

  • For customers who do not pay in full and lost contact for 1 month, we reserve the right to resell your model.


Payment via WiseTransfer.

How to order

  • Send us your request via E-mail

  • For model drawing, 70% payment is required after a color sketch is submitted and the rest after the job is finished

  • For model rigging, 60% advance payment is required before starting a job. After the 3rd update of progression, another 20% payment is required. and later the rest 20% before getting file for testing.

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