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Payment  Details  and  Conditions

  • We primarily accept a job that everyone in our team has a passion for.
    To us, creating a VTuber character is about being someone's 'papa' and 'mama' which we take it as a family planning. So, we are sorry if your request is refused and we hope you understand our standpoint.

  • We could only support Vtubestudio users for setting and tuning.

  • Your model will probably be used in our portfolio.

  • After a job has finished, you will get a runtime file and PNGs (Except PSD and Live2D files as they are reserved by RY3M only)

  • Because in our team have people who work as full-time.
    Our schedule may unpredictable.
    We will be very glad if you could understand, and does not rush or pressure us.


Payment via WiseTransfer or Swift Code.

How to order

  • Send us your request via E-mail

  • For model drawing, 70% payment is required after a color sketch is submitted and the rest after the job is finished

  • For model rigging, 60% advance payment is required before starting a job. After the 3rd update of progression, another 40% payment is required.

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